Creating a motivating and extraordinary incentive concept for distribution partners. Establishing a link between the topic of colour and the destination. Harmoniously integrating on-site presentations to introduce new products and distributional strategies.


“Experience colours live. Konica Minolta in Marrakech”. The brand leader in colour printers experiences the colourful and fascinating world of the orient. Development of a “once in your life time incentive programme” for Marrakech/Morocco. The participants were supposed to familiarise themselves with the colourful diversity of the country and its people. Feeling nature and culture and go one step further than usual. Konica Minolta offers their guests a chance to closely experience a foreign culture and to understand that the colours of the world portray its diversity.


Indigenous people offered the participants insights into their daily lives. The craftsmen and traders at the souk showed them their trades as they have been maintained for generations, the travelling artists on the town square presented traditional entertainment, the cooks at the restaurant created meals with the diversity of the Moroccan kitchen at let the visitors participate in their work, the camel drivers in the desert explained why camels/dromedaries are still important for the desert dwellers and the hoteliers in the medina explained how European projects embellish the old town. The participants were familiarised with the breath-taking world of the Atlas Mountains by the Berbers. Highlights of the event were visits to families that showed oriental hospitality and invited small groups to enjoy meals with them. Various social projects, that ensure the maintenance of schools in rural Berber areas etc., are impressively presented. The presentations were matched to every item on the agenda.


A cultural programme at its best. Creating unforgettable and unique moments. Breath-taking and touching situations gave the participants an understanding of the country and its people in a sensitive way. The natural colours, houses, food and people of Marrakech constantly changing, they symbolise the diversity of colours and the world. The programme was topped off by the harmonious presentation of the products. The event exceeded the expectation of a “once in your lifetime” experience and gave everyone motivation and enjoyment of the topic of colours. “Experience Colours Live. Konica Minolta in Marrakech” made a lasting impression on all participants and set ideal conditions for a rewarding, sustainable relation marketing.