If you do a lot, you need a sufficient amount of energy. This not only applies to athletes, but also to people who spend their best in their professional lives.

Especially at late noon / early afternoon many people fall into an “energy hole” and feel dull and impotent. Remedy has provided Dextro Energy for many years. The delicious energy boost provides new power and performance – guaranteed. As part of a several-week doctorate, working people should be convinced of the impact of Dextro Energy. National and with the wide range of products Dextro Energy has to offer.


Go where you get tired … to work. Dextro Energy provides German companies with the necessary energy boost at noon / afternoon. Sympathetic teams of promoters offer the various products from Dextro Energy to try out and explain in a thrilling raffle the fast effect of Dextro Energy. In the major cities, universities and city centers are visited and converted into energy centers. There is a great deal of focus on the versatility of the product range, which allows all consumers to choose the perfect Dextro Energy product for every need. Dextro Energy – Get your energy back!


Flexible two-person promotion teams, each in the combination male / female, provided from midday for the necessary energy boost in large and small companies. Whether as a cube, as a bar or as a drink, Dextro Energy provided additional power. Fast and digestible. With an exciting and interesting raffle, the promoters were able to playfully introduce the participants to the ingredients and the effects of Dextro Energy, demonstrating that Dextro Energy is more effective in its composition than coffee or party energy drinks. The office promotion was supplemented in the metropolises with action at the universities and in the inner cities.


The quality of the product convinced. The unusual actions in the companies were well received, as they documented the use of Dextro Energy comprehensible as needed. The universities were very interested in the fact that the composition of the product is different than the well-known party energy drinks and the quality of Dextro Energy is much higher. The actions in the inner cities provided additional attention. The success of Dextro Energy – Get your Energy back, was so great that the action was driven a second time, also nationally.