The team at C3 manage the balancing act of efficiently coordinating big events and of committing themselves to smaller projects, desperately wishing to create added value. Like a duck takes to water, we administer seven-digit budgets, large teams and various trades according to schedule and concept. In the same way, we can show with ‘manageable’ budgets that, through creativity, flexibility and motivation, 1+1 can equal 3.

We call that BIG & small.

AGENCY | Big & Small



The creativity of C3 does not have any limits. We conceive the world as a permanent inspiration and are open and sensitive in every way. We also know that every project is individually structured and that budget is only one aspect of it. This operational framework is to be considered and respected. Exploiting our creativity to the hilt, we focus on the matter at hand and also exceed limits. Important: the concepts of C3 always remain organised and financially viable.

We call that structured creativity.

AGENCY | Structured Creativity



The world is our home. We know the place. C3 successfully realises projects on all continents. Bangkok, San Diego, Berlin, Marrakech – the quality of our work remains the same. The circumstances, however, do not. Different countries, varying (business-related) customs and diverse ways of communication. Our international team know how to sensitively and enthusiastically deal with foreign cultures and they take them into account when implementing projects. We connect the best aspects of ‘German organisation’ with the ‘creative flexibility’ of many countries and thereby create profitable added values for your project.

We call that international expertise.

AGENCY | International Expertise



The planning cycles for projects are getting shorter and shorter. The individualization of tasks is increasingly becoming a matter of course. Meeting the challenges of new projects quickly, flexibly and in line with requirements is one of our core competencies. This not only means the willingness to work together with changing internal and external teams within the framework of projects, but also the ability to professionally assemble, organize and lead the optimal teams for the respective tasks in the sense of the project. The organization of interdisciplinary teams of specialists into individual competence centers to meet our clients’ needs allows us to successfully implement projects with complex objectives.

We call that Collaborative Mindset.



We are different – and we want to be. Background, education, age, culture and character. We are similar in being different. We are convinced that various perspectives are enriching. The team of C3 combine different personalities with an extremely strong sense of unity. We love our work and enjoy our calling. We cooperate with our service providers on a partnership basis, in deference to and for the benefit of our clients’ projects. Almost two decades of successful work in international live marketing have shown us that true success can only be achieved together. Every one of us supports this cooperation with passion and utter conviction.

We call that personality.

AGENCY | Personality



2023 is our 26th business year. Over the past years we have been successfully realising various projects for numerous clients worldwide. The experience we have gained during that time allows us to anticipate difficult situations, to consider them in the planning of projects and to react quickly and confidently. This increases our self-confidence, allowing us to meet all challenges of the business with serenity and flexibility. We constantly try to add to our great treasure of experience because we are eager for knowledge and learn something new every day. This strategy offers safety to our clients and makes them trust in our abilities, which, in turn, makes us very proud.

We call this experience.

AGENCY | Experience