A successful event, for us, means to make messages come alive and to follow the principles of networked communication. Communicating directly and individually in this environment thrills the target audiences and forms the basis for a permanent and emotional bond. This is true for gala and public events as well as for business meetings and conferences. C3 is here to support you with experience, motivation and an enthusiastic team of creative visionaries and meticulous craftsmen. We create emotional adventures that generate sustainable values and linger in the memory of customers in the long term.


Successful entrepreneurial action is based on motivating business partners and employees. Acknowledging and rewarding performances contributes to the commitment and emotional connection with a company. We create emotional bases for communication for the valuable dialogue and the precious time with your business partners and employees in order to make the spirit of your brand come alive and to excite those who participate in the incentive. Whether national or international, C3 develops individual solutions based on longstanding expertise in the field of incentives, and thereby offers a pinpoint realisation of unforgettable experiences. We know that small details matter most in creating a big event.


Addressing audiences purposefully, adopting creative measures, consistent mechanisms and motivating teams – these are the attributes which unify the promotional concepts of C3. Arousing interest, communicating contents, building trust, delivering detailed information and focusing on the target goals at the same time – these are our tasks at your promotions. Motivating teams, documenting every detail, evaluating, coordinating and handling all parties involved are the strengths of C3. Cooperating with partners and service providers nation-wide, we can assist with your promotions anywhere and anytime and can also implement them accurately for the target audience.


Realising encounters between people and brands is one of the supreme disciplines in live marketing. Human beings and their senses are central to brand environments. Following the story and message of a brand, it is necessary to arouse a potential customer’s attention in a multisensory way and to sustain it strategically. This results in a space where a brand can be experienced directly, creating a fascinating adventure for the audience. By connecting the special reality of such spaces with interaction and intelligent use of media, a new quality of communication is born. Combining architecture and marketing, we stage brands in a space in order to permanently impress and thrill the audience.


Sponsoring is your key to an emotional world. Connecting brands with potential customers, highlighting and foregrounding their positive image and making them come alive in a profitable way is essential to successful work. Originally, sponsoring is ‘only’ the key to success. Its potential can only be fully exploited by efficiently activating means of communication that accompany the whole project. As an interactive basis for communication, sponsoring gives you the opportunity to lead a valuable conversation with your target audiences, both offline and online. To create sustainable values, C3 designs the communicative encounter so as to your target audiences intensely and consciously engage with the sponsor. This is not a question of big budgets but depends on the creativity in using sponsoring for various projects. Our longstanding competencies in the acquisition of sponsors will help you to implement your project in a profitable way.