Drafting, planning, organising and implementing the pre-opening and the grand opening of The Westin Hotel, Hamburg, in the Elbphilharmonie. Creating unique events with a strong focus on discovery and interactivity. Awakening a broad public opinion.


Conception and creation of the central topic “The Journey of Well-being”. An interactive journey through the hotel with the aim to offer the guests all six brand pillars of the Westin for extraordinary and personal discovery and thereby to get to know the house in its entirety.


Individual presentation of the six brand pillars “SleepWell, EatWell, WorkWell, FeelWell, PlayWell, MoveWell”, each implemented in the corresponding rooms. Integrating different means, initiatives and artists which were carefully selected and developed for the hotel. Starting from the lobby as the central area of the event the tour guided the guests through several floors and, by using a self-explanatory navigational system, included the crucial areas and rooms of the hotel such as restaurants, bars, the conference centre, the spa and the fitness studio as well as selected rooms and suites.


The challenging goal to both present the hotel and to make the six brand pillars of the Westin understandable for a demanding audience was completely met. Both the guests and the client enjoyed an exciting and unique evening. Through the lasting impressions and interesting moments generated by the event the start of the hotel’s business was immensely successful. Numerous reports in the media delivered the event and its messages to those who could not attend it in person. Right from the start, the new Westin Hamburg achieved to occupy a fixed and special place in the sophisticated hotel industry of Hamburg.