Best Sake Cocktail in Tokyo

When you stay at the Mandarin Oriental, the only task is to make the most of your stay. In one of the best hotels in Tokyo, this task is pretty easy. A lobby with a breathtaking view of the Tokyo skyline, spacious, tasteful and excellently equipped rooms, various restaurants with different kitchens of excellent quality, a fine spa area and a fantastic location in Nihonbashi make your stay a real dream. We were able to convince ourselves of this in January and were only enthusiastic. The fact that we are not alone with our view is shown by the exceptionally very good reviews in international travel guides on the Internet … and yet there were two things that we remember particularly positively: the breakfast buffet and the bar. The morning and the night, so to speak. Starting the day with an excellent breakfast in the morning is something wonderful. If you have an incredible view of the spectacular skyline of the megacity, you are floating on the famous cloud 7 on the 38th floor. The unbelievable quality of the dishes was able to captivate all guests and colleagues in such a way that almost exclusively Japanese Food has already been enjoyed for breakfast. In the late evening the bar lured, which in addition to excellent drinks, cocktails, draft beers and wines, sparkled with sensational sake cocktails. The “Decade” cocktail was an exciting mix of Japanese sake, black Okinawa sugar and wasabi and black sakura syrup. The result was galactic and therefore worth visiting the superb Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo.