In Lindesnes, on the south coast of Norway, the first underwater restaurant in Europe has opened. A spectacular building protrudes diagonally out of the water and looks as if it had slipped from the rocky mainland into the sea.

The lower end of the tube, where the dining room is located, is no less spectacular: it rests five and a half meters below the surface of the water on the sea floor, and at its full width extends a panoramic glass panel the size of a cinema screen, through which the waters of the Skagerrak radiate greenish , With a little luck, salmon or cod, small sharks or even a seal swim by. The “Under” accommodates 40 guests and serves 17 courses from over 10 chefs from around the world. By September, everything is fully booked and over 7500 people have ordered a table until now. Sensational architecture and a fantastic exclusive event location.