Conception, planning, organization and realization of a roadshow on the occasion of the anniversary 50 years Dow in Germany. Flexible applicability of the event modules to be developed.


For more than 50 years, the American company Dow has been active in Germany. The first sales office was opened in 1960 in Frankfurt am Main. Today, the company employs around 3,600 people at 13 locations. These include production facilities, sales offices and research and development facilities. The largest production sites are located in Lower Saxony (Stade) and in Saxony (Böhlen) and Saxony-Anhalt (Schkopau). Dow is “everywhere”, but very few people know the company. Where Dow is active, Dow is a communicative neighbor. All of this is only possible because highly dedicated employees, in addition to their expertise, give Dow a personal face. The focus of the exhibition on the roadshow, therefore, are the employees who work on a variety of solutions for the future. This should be documented as well as the variety of products that Dow produces. The modules should be in their flexibility exhibit and transport element in one and so can be used for a variety of uses.


Construction of individual show modules, which were presented according to requirements and requirements at all 13 locations. Each module has a high interaction. In terms of content, the modules offer a broad range of topics and are particularly interesting sources of information for employees. Each presence went on for about 2 weeks and was supplemented with many additional actions, such as “Open days” supplemented.


The complex roadshow through 13 locations throughout Germany was a great success. Dow has portrayed employees and neighbors as an innovative company and as a responsible neighbor. The flexibility of the modules allowed deployments of all sizes. The press work created high regional media coverage at the individual locations. At the same time also a broad national coverage. The “unknown giant” Dow, became more well-known, more transparent, more approachable and was perceived as a modern company with a great tradition.