Hamburg – the most beautiful city in the world

Even in kindergarten, the youngsters learn that Hamburg is “the most beautiful city in the world”. Not a day passes that in the numerous media of the Hanseatic city (newspaper, radio or television), the winged word of “The most beautiful city in the world” is spread popularly. In no other German city there are more songs that emotionally advertise the beauty or other advantages of the metropolis in the north. Across all music genres and centuries, Hamburg is praised as THE city via Seemann’s choir to hip-hop. This naturally develops a very special pride for the residents. In this respect, Hamburg pride is much more for its residents than a commitment to its hometown. Rather, it is a feeling that unites young and old, hipsters and philistines, St. Pauli and Blankenese: Hamburg!

The highest churches and most bridges

The fact that Hamburg is truly a beautiful pearl, or city, is documented by the more than 104 individual districts, which all have their own charm. In addition, Hamburg offers much more than the port and the Alster (which is also a river and not a lake), even if these highlights are really unique. Who knows that Protestant Hamburg, of all places, has the largest concentration of the highest churches in the world. 5 of the 30 highest Christian places of worship are in the metropolis on the Elbe. St. Nikolai is the world’s fifth tallest church and was even the tallest building in the world for a few years. It is known that there are many bridges in Venice and Amsterdam. But Hamburg has a lot more, namely over 2,500. These are more bridges than Venice, Amsterdam and Stockholm have in common.

Hamburg is as big as New York

New York is big, but Hamburg is just as big. Both cities have an (almost) identical area. However, since fewer people live in Hamburg, there is much more space for the numerous parks and city forests. No wonder Hamburg is one of the greenest cities in Europe. Yes, the fast food hamburger really comes from Hamburg and with the millions of emigrants and seafarers via the port of Hamburg landed culinary in the new world already in the last century. Incidentally, the currywurst also comes from Hamburg and not from Berlin. But that’s another story.

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Hamburg was and is a good place for music. Bach, Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Brahms and Mahler acted on the Elbe. The Beatles started their world careers in St. Pauli and after New York and London, Hamburg is the world’s most important musical metropolis, with millions of visitors every year. Those who want to set sail can do so in many different ways in Hamburg. One of the largest and most beautiful ports in the world (in the middle of the city = industrial romanticism) is one of the most important starting and destination locations for cruise ships worldwide. No wonder, because the globally popular cruise was invented in Hamburg.

The longest and most beautiful weekly market in Europe

Good thing it’s pretty safe here. The oldest still active police station in the world is in Hamburg. The Davidwache opened in St. Pauli in 1840. Europe’s smallest police area is only 0.92 square kilometers big. There is of course more than enough to do in the world-famous red light and celebration district. Did you know? Hamburg’s Wilhelmsburg, with New York’s Manhattan, is the largest urban, inhabited river island in the world. If you like strolling through weekly markets, Hamburg is a paradise. There are more than 100 markets every week. Including the longest market in Europe, the Isemarkt. In one of the most beautiful and popular areas of Hamburg there is everything from fish to homemade liquorice that delights the heart and palate.

Without Hamburg, Christmas would not be what it is

Even the warehouse complexes in Hamburg are beautiful. The Speicherstadt is not only a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but is still the largest contiguous warehouse complex in the world. Between the city center and the new Hafen City, one of the most expensive, but definitely also the most impressive concert halls in the world is enthroned – the Elbphilharmonie. At the end of this naturally incomplete collection of unknown superlatives, it will be Christmas. No, not the Christmas tree, but the Christmas wreath comes from Hamburg. In the Rauen Haus / Rough House in Hamburg, an orphanage, street children at the time of the beginning of the industrial age were supposed to shorten the time until Christmas and give them some joy.

Those who know the world love Hamburg

So, there are many reasons to come to Hamburg. Hamburg people have been active and widely traveled worldwide for centuries through the Hanseatic League. Therefore, they know very well that there are other cities in this world that are beautiful and worth living in. But anyone who has ever been to Hamburg will understand why the following always applies to hamburgers: when you see the Elbe and Alster from New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, Rome, Shanghai, Sydney or Cape Town again, you know very well that it is can be beautiful elsewhere, but it always touches the heart to come back to Hamburg and it just feels … BEAUTIFUL!