Concept design, organization and execution of the largest annual event of the sound specialist Sennheiser – the Global Summit.

A 3-day, international meeting of over 350 executives from subsidiaries as well as sales and technology partners from more than 50 countries, who enter into dialog primarily in the form of plenary conferences, workshops and a special exhibition areas. The Global Summit is framed by a classic get-together on the day before the conference, with various supporting programs on offer, an evening event in the exhibition area and a large awards gala on the last day of the event.


“It’s all about communication”. Focus on communicative exchange of ideas. Creation of offers and locations for dialogue and a consistent pushing of the event as an interactive marketplace on all levels. Choice of unusual locations which correspond to the international character of the event and stimulate creativity and communication in their look & feel. Generation of different forms of dialog at different hubs, which enabled the participants to flexibly discuss individual topics in depth with different sizes of group at any location of the event. Development of a structured, room concept that adapted to the different needs and venues of the complex event. Conception of an interactive awards gala.


Redesign of an industrial building as a central business location. Setup of various communication areas in which the latest topics of the future could be discussed. Creation of individual exhibition areas for exhibitors within the communication area. The split and design of the individual areas also enabled a balance to be struck between sufficient space and the necessary quiet and intimacy for “informal” discussions. Some of the workshops were integrated into the special exhibition area and implemented with interactive elements, thus offering an innovative alternative to classic workshops. Design of an evening event, in which the participants creatively and interactively set the stage for interaction.


Participants and customers were impressed by the interactive and dialogue-oriented concept and its execution. The communication marketplace was a great success and worked excellently. The different areas and modules were optimally frequented and used. The communicative exchange was extended beyond the event by means of web-based options.