Comporta is an oasis of beauty. A place that is perfect for recharging your batteries. The ideal epitome of slowness and simplicity.

Beautiful nature meets locals and some insiders from all over the world who have discovered this area for themselves. Around 75 minutes south of Lisbon, Comporta offers a cosmopolitan mix of surf spots, pine and cork forests, great restaurants and cool boutiques. Tradition and simplicity come first in the villages of the region. The buildings fit together harmoniously. The sea is especially blue here and the sand is white and very fine. Vegetation-covered dunes border the beach. The beauty of the landscape is raw and authentic.

Comporta is ideal for top management meetings outside the summer season. The tranquility and serenity of the area allows for concentrated work and relaxing framework activities. The quality of the restaurants is fantastic. The relatively easy journey, also allows events with a few nights.