In a time when travelers are eager to have unique experiences, what happens when robots are added to the equation? Do people prefer a personal touch or want innovation and efficiency?

Imagine this scenario. You’re relaxing in your room and call reception to ask for a towel. Minutes later, they knock on the door and side robot out there waiting with a perfectly folded bath towel. You would appreciate this innovation or do not like the lack of personal interaction?

This is not a concept of the future because it already exists. Several builders help robots are trying to revolutionize the guest experience through technology. Some properties are already using these robots: Marriott has to Mario, that welcomes guests in Ghent, the Hilton is Connie as a janitor in Virginia and InterContinental Dash, which autonomously delivery elements of staff to guests in several hotels.

Service robots are programmed to respond to simple questions of guests, such as the demand for a towel or snack. A member of the hotel staff can put an object in the robot is being programmed to carry a specific room. Others, like Connie at the Hilton can guide guests on where to eat or other aspects that want to know about the hotel.

There are pros and cons to having robots that take care of service to hotel guests. Advantages: This is something memorable and there is no possibility of any conflict between staff and guests occur. Disadvantages: is not something personalized and some customers may be discouraged by the lack of human contact or a friendly smile.

What we are seeing in ReviewPro is that using the tool Guest Intelligence, both hotels and robot builders themselves can monitor how robots are being perceived by the guests. Our Advanced Semantic Analysis can be used to create alerts for keywords and monitor how guests are responding to robots. This allows the hotels to identify any online customer feedback containing comments relating to robots to analyze the positive or negative impact.

This innovation in Guest Intelligence shows only one of the interesting technological developments that are taking place in the hospitality sector, both in terms of robotics and the way in which performance is measured customer satisfaction.