Creating and implementing a concept for a 1,000 m2 presentation area for current and future product and brand themes. Integrating stages for live acts. Creating a welcoming communicative area for interpersonal communication. Generating direct feedback by the participants on the single topics.


Creation of an innovative product world with an autonomous atmospheric layout by contents and modules. Developing a room concept which is clearly structured and which offers modular space for exhibitors. Positioning a significant brand area at the centre of the product world, including a lounge area for communicative exchange. Building two stages opposite each other at the outer parts of the area for flexibly plannable and also parallel gigs. Implementing interaction and feedback points located across the entire area.


Building a central brand area which interactively presented the current business trends and which contained an integrated café and catering for visitors to relax and communicate with each other. Creating 16 individual exhibition areas in total which were drafted and planned in collaboration with the single exhibitors. Providing the technical equipment for the stages for different performances. Supervising and planning the shows. Using numerous iPad stations with adequate apps as tools for feedback. Using a camera-monitor system with AR apps to transfer complex contents and generating additional feedback. By including (internal) social media platforms, we furthermore created a broad and directly visible response.


The Sennheiser Exploration Area was a tremendous success and worked perfectly. Both participants and the customer were unanimously amazed by the interactive concept and its implementation. The diverse areas and modules were continuously used and very popular. The interlinked functions of the singular areas created a useful and integrated presentation for current and future product and brand themes. The numerous options for feedback were actively taken, served as a basis for on-site discussion and presented incentives for continuative ideas regarding particular aspects of the products and brands.